Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Everything is a remix and you can be the disc jockey

Lately I've been thinking about the power of an idea. By the idea I don't mean the mental representational image of an object constructed in the mind, neither I mean the context the idea is given into. The idea represents a pattern of thinking and association, the link between the mental reflection and the seen. Can ideas be patented? Whether you are free to think or your freedom can be taken?  Can someone own your thoughts?

Patere, "to lay open", the origin of word patent from Latin crystallizes the initial character of patents. The patents were initially introduced to bring ideas to public and support the maestros behind the useful Arts, but were later colonized for maximum profit. Today when millions if not billions of SLOC are written daily, for example code.org have existed since 2013 and on 9th of February 2015 the students using the website had written 5,094,434,631 lines of code, the concept of intellectual property starts to play a major role. At least in court... From "You wouldn't download a car." to the printed one and so on. I think its time to clarify; the consumer 3D printing is here to stay the real debate lays in the moment we start to sketch the borders for the technology and decide what we are allowed to 3D print at home.

I'm willing to admit that the desktop 3D printing at it's current state is more art than exact science but opens bunch of new possibilities and views such as revolutionization of logistics. As an example we have a big automotive corporation which produces cars in China. The journey of the car starts in Sweden as iron ore which is refined and sold to China, for your information Chinese traders are buying Detroit piece by piece as scrap metal to take back to home and build their economy. Then the car is produced out of the metal and shipped back to Sweden for some happy family, just because Sweden doesn't have the facilities of the corporation. We could have alternative chain of events involving only the Swedish metal, 3D printer in Sweden and only the information of what and how to build sent from the corporation and paid for. They've done it between space and earth, can't we do it just here on earth?

Intensifying the usefulness

As I'm finally untetherining my Mendel an apparatus is needed to provide me sight and ability to moderate the activities of my tireless friend. I had old N900 lying in my drawer with the notorious broken USB, a problem fixed by using the debugging ports on the back of the phone to connect it to PC and use as a webcam. The remaining problem was to find proper and adjustable dock for the phones outdated silhouette, after it's twenty twenties soon and everything has to be fast, slim big at all costs. As with the spool holder so with the phone dock nothing universal were there to be stumbled on; once again I had to make it.

The task ended up being a feedback loop of 3 iteration:  After the first revision I realized the force affected the plugs is far too great for such a small piece of PLA and eventually after breaking bunch of them I decided to use 10mm pieces of 3mm diameter rod taken from old optical drive. The second revision gave me insight that the so called buttons must have enough contact surface on the side to hold the tension provided by the springs. And the final version also hatched with the caterpillar extension. 

To produce the final product the white parts were printed in natural ABS and the blue parts consist of extruded PLA. The rod from optical drive can be replaced with any M3 screw if secured properly to prevent unwanted friction. To be honest the Mainmount needed few if not several scrubs after peeling the support out of the cavities. Also the holes in the ABS parts had to be tweaked as ABS tends to shrink after it is designed for injection moulding.